Are You Ready to Leap Into a New Career?

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According to recent statistics, people in the United States spend over $60 billion per year on their pets – and that figure continues to rise!

As a result, careers related to dog and cat services will remain relevant – and lucrative – for many years to come. Why not take advantage of this growing opportunity?

At the Bingo Institute of Grooming, we’ll provide you with the education you need to do just that. Offering programs in dog grooming, cat grooming and more, our well-respected school can help you trot into a fun and rewarding career.

We teach old (and young) dogs new tricks

The Bingo Institute of Grooming offers small, flexible classes in every area of professional pet grooming. Our programs feature:

  • Personal instruction from professional pet groomers
  • Hands-on experience at local vets and grooming salons
  • Clinical and written evaluations

We have financing options available

At the Bingo Institute of Grooming, we think finances should never muzzle your future potential. That’s why, through our partnerships with local credit unions and public services, we offer a range of financing options to our students. We want to make it easy for you to get the education – and the rewarding career – of your dreams!

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